Native American Evil Spirits

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Here's an interesting one....

These spirits, though generally considered evil, were/are far more complex than the demons of Christian fundamental duality (B&W). Some spirits would trade off. Others, though greatly feared, were/are also neccessary in that they were co-creators of this universe and world.

Down below is a small sample of some of these spirits.

Aipalookvik---Malevolent spirit living on the sea bottom (Inuit, Canada).
Atlantow---Evil spirit who can lure hunters as a seal. (Inuit, Canada).
Chinday---Evil Gods(Navaho, Arizona, and New Mexico).
Eyak---Evil spirit (Koniaga, Pacific Northwest).
Iya---"Chief of all evil spirits" (Lakota and Dakota, South Dakota).
Nunasish---Usually misshapen evil spirits of the underworld (Chumash,Ca.).
Omaha---Evil spirit who tries to snatch the souls of the dying (Trinity River, Ca.).
Paija---One-legged female evil spirit- to see her is to die (Ihalmiut Inuit, Keewatin District, Canada).
Pishuni---Evil spirit of temptation and disease (Acoma, New Mexico).
Sye-elth---Evil goddess who tempts human beings to evil (Yurok, Ca.).
Makalay---one-horned evil spirit- to see him usually means death. (Trinity River Indians, Ca.).
Tahquitz---Evil God of San Jacinto Peak who stole souls and caused misfortune, disease, and death.(Cahuilla, Ca.).

"the Works of Howard HoweBancroft" (1886)

* the Trinity River seemed to have the largest list of angry Gods while some tribes had none at all. Evil might've been seen as undiserable states of being or the Trickster scaring someone for his own reasons disguised as an Evil God.
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    Re: Native American Evil Spirits

    Fri, April 4, 2008 - 7:13 PM
    Such b.s. no such thing as evil spirit... there's negetivity the void of hyper space and then humans that choose the space as fantasy land... and y'know... garbage garbage garbage... MY GOD IS REAL, GREAT SPIRIT IS REAL... EVIL SPIRITS... lol...
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      Re: Native American Evil Spirits

      Sun, April 6, 2008 - 9:11 AM
      Nanci Deer... ok I have a new approach to all of this. It comes to remind me what someone said when I reached the age of adult hood and I didn't have the same mercy from Great Spirit anymore... you must bee responsible for EVERYTHING you do and say. I don't think it's a Great Idea to share negetive beliefs... I don't know, but my Child-Like mind says that this might MAKE someone else start beelieving them or trying to make it WAY more real than it is and that comes back to you...

      Oh, it's nothing for you to worry about though... I've done way WORSE... (not funny)
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        Re: Native American Evil Spirits

        Mon, April 7, 2008 - 7:12 PM
        Although these are not my personal beliefs, I found the article interesting, as we don't hear much about this side of things and certainly not much about the Christian fundamental duality. Also, the world is made of two opposing polarities...if not the positive...why not the negative? Denial of the existence of negative forces in our lives only gives them more power and is fear, anger, denial, and other negative emotions that feed them.
        I trust my ancestors and my own medicine, which shields and protects me from unwanted influences.
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      Fri, July 8, 2011 - 5:53 PM
      If you believe in God,then there must be evil spirits in the world other wise God would have no meaning.There would be no evil and everyone would be good,thus no reason for God to exsist.
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      Tue, December 6, 2011 - 1:34 PM
      You haven't had a spiritual warfare with a witch yet. Absolute, Great Spirit is real, as well as the legions of Angels in His employ, But don't be mistaken in the land of Good and Evil. There are those earth bound spirits who are just as wicked in death as they were in life, and under the employ of a powerful witch, oh watch out... blessings on your walk.
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    Mon, April 7, 2008 - 11:52 AM
    Thank You for sharing .... even though you are receiving negative responces. You are enlightening us to a Christain fundamental duality that I find somewhat interesting and that is rarely ever shared.
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    Mon, April 7, 2008 - 12:12 PM
    this list has a lot of the california tribes.

    when i was a kid we were cautioned when we went near the water as there were stories of people being drowned by the spirits much akin to sprites or dyads. i don't recall the names since our language is gone (for the most part, i've heard them before) but the stories need no names. as a matter of fact, these stories have been told for a long time to the locals who also heed the warnings of certain times when they are more active (some have seen them as well). some people don't listen however and though there are obvious reasons that the river is deadly (whitewater) the legends play an important role to us culturally. though we are getting more and more diluted, i have taken my daughter to a sacred place on the river (i think theres one in my profile called bubbles beach) and told her the stories, it keeps her safe and reminds her where we come from. i think often, giving faces to the energy provokes a deeper sense of meaning with the lessons, for children at least. i think all cultures reserve the right to scare the crap out of their kids at times for their own good (ahem!). we don't do that so much anymore it seems. >>

    The deep canyon of the river northeast of Bakersfield is a popular location for fly fishing and particularly famous for whitewater sports including whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, and riverboarding. It is also well known for its danger, and is sometimes known as the "Killer Kern". A sign at the mouth of Kern Canyon warns visitors, "Danger. Stay Out. Stay Alive" and tallies the deaths since 1968; as of November 3, 2007 the count was up to 240. Bakersfield-born Merle Haggard's song Kern River recounts just such a tragedy. The number of deaths is currently 250.

    in the pnw, we have many spirits that would be considered "evil" tzunakwa and bokwus are the wicked woman and wicked man of the woods. they have severely evil tendencies, but they also serve a greater purpose for the overall well being of the clans. again, i'm sure everyones got em...
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      Mon, April 7, 2008 - 11:22 PM
      yeah, i was just walking through the kitchen and it occurred to me, an error! weird too because its late, im not online, but it hit me! lol!

      tzunakwa and bokwus are the wicked woman and wicked man of the woods << they are not the wicked, they are the wild ones of the woods!

      still having dark energy, pure design though, beautiful in its nature...
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        Re: Native American Evil Spirits

        Thu, April 17, 2008 - 9:20 PM
        english is a pretty dualistic language... and doesnt translate well to nondualistic cognitive systems... you can tella joke in hungarian for exampel that makes no sense in english...
        loki the nordic trickster diety was preceived as evil or the nordic devil after christiananity took over the north tribes of europe... but hes actually just the force of change itself...
        but theres no real cognitive system in the dualistic otntology of christian thought to really concieve of these concepts and no language for it either...
        so i think theres allways a real problem when trying to explain things in english from a non english speaking culture, and from a differant way of thinking and viewing the world any way...
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          Re: Native American Evil Spirits

          Fri, April 18, 2008 - 6:31 AM
          Makes sense ~ thanks for pointing out that concept....alot of people don't think of that.
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            Re: Native American Evil Spirits

            Fri, April 18, 2008 - 12:03 PM
            yeah shit... things really get lost in translation. i mean the Lummi dont have a word for fear, and i dont think they have a word for failure either... so if there is no word for it.. this means that the way that they perceive the word doesnt have this concept of fear in it that we are taught about in english... some languages have an similar concept and use analogues words... but it never really translates over... imagine not having fear in your vocabulary? how would that change the way you view life experiences... no word no concept that matches the definition... its hard to wrap your brain around.. thats why we really cant understand what it means to be part of another culture unless we are born and raised into it... and how we really really have a hard time translating from one language to another... we do it though but we end up most of the time just smashing another language and cognitive system into our own to make sense of it...
            language and cognition is really interesting...
            get this david bohm this really famous physicist was trying to come up with a new language to match the new way of thinking that new physics creates... so he started trying to do this.. and its a pain in the ass making a new language lol... then some one pointed out a number of north american native languages and cognitive systems to him which already had these same concepts that the new physics has just come up with... but they had been thinking and speaking about the world in this way for thousands of years... really rattled his cage, but it made sense to him as well... i wish i could find the web page that spoke about that... really interesting...
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              Re: Native American Evil Spirits

              Sun, March 29, 2015 - 12:23 AM

              "Such b.s. no such thing as evil spirit."

              Says the ignorant and clueless muggle. You never had to fight one.

              Esoteric Buddhists have a very developed set of definitions for hostile or aggressive spirits, including "yama" the death spirits.


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